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Travel with a free and serene mind

Back to the world – perhaps different from the one you used to know – is again an essential aspiration.

This period is a unique opportunity to travel in exceptional conditions, far from mass tourism, to be closer to the sites and people.

Your local travel agent is at your disposal to write with you the reality of your dreams and offer you the best advice. He will guide you in all the demanding formalities of the moment.

Traveling is not a luxury, it allows you to regain breath in a more and more agitated and restless life, it opens perspectives, horizons, it gives the freedom that we miss so much since a small virus has closed our space and imposed its limits.

According to the Swiss federal law on package travel, which came into force on July 1, 1994, the organizer or seller of such a service must guarantee the reimbursement of amounts paid and the repatriation of the consumer in case of insolvency or bankruptcy. The 130 member agencies of TPA (see list by canton under “Our Agencies”) are all duly insured by one of the Swiss guarantee funds that protect consumers’ money

Some suggested destinations




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We are listening to you

Thanks to computers, everything goes very fast. We are far away from hotel reservations by fax, where we had to wait several days for confirmation. Today, everything is done almost immediately. It is not uncommon for someone to show up at an agency only three weeks before the date of departure for a world tour! This is where the professional experience of a travel agent will make the difference…

Every year, our members are concerned about offering you advice and services that are close as much as possible to your expectations, to make your dreams become reality. Taking the time to listen to you while continuing to favor direct human contact in our agencies, to better advise you, is the guarantee of a vacation that begins by pushing the door of a professional travel agency… and TPA member.

The ethics of travel
“Traveling is about meeting others and meeting yourself.
Traveling is not only being a tourist but also discovering other ways of life, and each time it is a lesson of Life.

Enjoy your trip !